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The personnel office is established according to our school’s regulation of organization. The manpower and service duties are as follows:
I. Manpower allotment
 One director and two administrative assistants.
II. Service duties
 1. Organization and staffing
    (1) Planning, arranging,and revising the service duties of administrative units
    (2) Controlling annual quota and staffing
    (3) Revising regulation of organization and reporting to the MOE
 2. Employment and salary assessment
    (1) Employment and dismissal, transfer, and salary assessment
    (2) Approving and processing of the notice of employment and attrition
    (3) Approving and transferring the appraisal of faculty qualifications
    (4) Reviewing new employees’ documentation
    (5) Retaining position with/without pay
    (6) Collecting and reporting faculty and staff directory or name list
 3. Faculty promotion
    (1) Reporting faculty promotion to the MOE
    (2) Holding Faculty Appraisal and Recruitment Committee
 4. Attendance management
    (1) Recording faculty and staff’s leave application
    (2) Reporting faculty and staff’s absence without leave and salary deduction
    (3) Arranging and managing staff on duty
    (4) Verifying faculty and staff’s pay
    (5) Managing staff attendance and temporary leave
    (6) Setting up work days and hours
(7) Announcing holiday and change of work schedule
(8) Observing, reviewing and reporting school culture
(9) Dealing with affairs related to referees, speeches, and committee members from outside institutions
 5. Insurance and welfare
    (1) Dealing with government employees' and school staffs' insurance, national health insurance, labor  
       insurance (including family members), group insurance, insurance surrender, insurance withdrawal,
       insurance suspension, insurance resumption, and insurance revisions.
    (2) Transferring coverage
    (3) Planning for employees’ welfare
    (4) Dealing with the insurance and welfare of the employees who retain position without pay
(5) Responding to special cases of employees' application for help 
(6) Checking the list of insurance fees
(7) Processing resignations and retirements
(8) Scheduling physical examination for employees
(9) Coordinating mutual benefits activities
(10) Inviting retired (resigned) employees for school anniversary
(11) Making budget for personnel affairs
(12) Editing employee handbook
 6. Records maintenance
   (1) Booking personnel dynamic information and reporting; making, distributing and maintaining reports
   (2) Making and maintaining employee roster
   (3) Transferring the documentation of transferred employees
   (4) Checking and reporting changes in employee information statements
   (5) Investigating manpower and reporting changes
   (6) Granting and safekeeping employees’ credit guaranty
 7. Certificate Issuing
    (1) Issuing staff employment and attrition
    (2) Issuing and correcting medical cards
    (3) Appraising annual staff performance
    (4) Petitioning and recording prize and punishment
    (5) Dealing with cases of inappropriate staffing or misconduct
    (6) Recommending senior outstanding teachers and awarding prizes
(7) Approving and transferring three festival bonuses from the President (Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat  
   Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival)
(8) Dealing with affairs related to recommendation of academic prize candidates
 8. Professional leave of absence
    (1) Checking and transferring applications of employees’ going abroad
    (2) Approving and transferring teachers’ pursuing further studies, domestic and abroad
    (3) Processing orientation training for new recruits
 9. Other duties
    (1) Reporting the permit of staff uniforms